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Ragnarok Character
CustomRO Promise:
  1. No server wipes! We are very diligent in every decision we make to provide the best server for all current and potential players. All earned characters and gear will be yours forever.
  2. No corrupt GMs. No players will ever receive an unfair advantage over other players through the aid of a corrupt GM.
  3. Anti bot and hack protection. Not only do we have state of the art bot protection software but I have personally created several algorithms that are custom to this server that notify GMs of any potential botters, hackers or abnormal behavior of any kind. We also do manual routine bot sweeps to ensure no player is receiving an unfair advantage over other players through use of 3rd party programs.
  4. Free and Fair for all! We will never become a "pay to win" server. Any items that can be obtained through donations will also be available to players through other means (participation/hourly points, vote points, customro event coins, etc.)
Ragnarok Character

We have increased the loot drop rate for the following cards that have drop rate effects:

  • Mimic Card
  • Myst Case Card
  • Cloud Hermit Card
  • Gargoyle Card
  • Orc Archer Card
  • Raydric Archer Card
  • Sleeper Card
  • Stem Worm Card
  • Wraith Card
  • Anopheles Card
  • Armeyer Dinze Card
  • Baroness of Retribution Card
  • Dragon Egg Card
  • Gremlin Card
  • Grove Card
Ragnarok Character
  • New automated hourly custom raid and pvp events.