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Ragnarok Character

2019-04-15 : Updates, Updates and more Updates

Thank you so much for your feedback in the new polls discord channel! I have heard your feedback and implemented several changes today. Town warper is now questable, stats can only be reset up to level 50 and I will not be implementing Gym Passes based on your feedback.
Ragnarok Character

2019-04-12 : Custom Dungeon Quests

Dungeon Quests now available. Each dungeon can be unlocked in the warper account wide by completing the quest for that dungeon or by character by reaching transcendent or max level extended classes.
Ragnarok Character

2019-04-06 : Better Mobile Compatability

Site is now better equipped to handle mobile devices. Fixed some bugs that were only present on mobile and iOS devices. You can now login, register, vote, ect. on any device!