Latest Updates: We are now live!

Ragnarok Character
QoL Changes:
  • Tool dealer now includes: iron, silver and fire arrows, silver bullets, yggdrasil leaves and berserk potions
  • You can now save your current location from any Custom RO NPC
  • Town Quest requirements have been removed from the following main towns: Geffen, Izlude, Morocc, Aldebaran, Alberta, Payon and Comodo. Everyone can now warp to any of these towns free of charge. If you happen to have already purchased/unlocked these through the Town Quests you have been refunded your money for each town you purchased and can be found in your BANK VAULT.
Bug Fixes:
  • CustomRO NPC would lock up for some users when attempting to access Town Warper.
Ragnarok Character
  • Replaced the Patcher with a more modern version. (If you're using the old one, download the one in the announcement above and replace the file)
  • Added TNL (Til' Next Level) to @exp command, showing you how much experience is needed before you level up in regards to your base and job level.
  • Added @joinevent command. (See bullet below)
  • New Gladiator PvP Event: In the Crimson Sands Arena you'll go head to head in a 2v2 - 12v12 Team Deathmatch style brawl! The match will start with 10 minutes on the clock and 50 tickets for each team. Every death reduces your team's ticket count by 1. The first team to deplete their enemies ticket count or the team with the highest ticket count at the end of the battle will be victorious. Features include Anti-Spawn Camping Protection, Auto-Balancing of Teams, Dynamic Spawning System, and Return Warp System (Be warped to and from the Event from your current location)
  • Updated the Patcher music to better suit the new graphics.
  • Updated the Login Screen graphic.
  • Updated the Login Screen Music to better match the new graphic.
Ragnarok Character
  • Added CustomRO Coin (A Currency used to purchase items from the Event Shop (Coming Soon)).
  • Added Super Concentration, Super Awakening, and Super Berserk Potions. Similar to the Super Flywing, it has no weight and infinite uses. They are purchasable through the Donation Shop for 5, 8, and 10 Donation Credits and through the Vote Points Shop for 100, 160, and 200 Vote Points respectively.
  • The [Huuma Calm Mind [2]] item was being displayed incorrectly.
  • New loading screens have been implemented.